Learn all about Cuban Tourist Visas

Cuban Visas info.
Your visa to visit and enjoy Cuban life and culture .
Learn all about Cuban Tourist Visas.

It’s called a Cuban Tourist Visa

even though Americans can’t visit Cuba as tourists.
Don’t worry.
It’s totally legal, and it’s the visa Americans require for their isl and adventure .

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How to fill out your Cuban Tourist Visa

The image above is an example of a Cuban Tourist Visa – sometimes referred to as a Cuban visitors card or Cuban entry card.
This example shows how to fill it out.
Don’t make errors, or it will have to be replaced.
Don’t lose your visa in Cuba, or it will have to be replaced.

Example of a Cuban Tourist Visa for used for flights from the United States to Cuba

How long is a Cuban Tourist Visa valid?

The Cuban Tourist Visa is valid for 30 days and can be renewed in Cuba for another 30 days.
Canadians are an exception.
Their Cuban Tourist Visa is good for 90 days and can be renewed in Cuba for an additional 90 days.

Special documents required for Cuban-born persons

Visa requirements are different for Americans born in Cuba.
We’ll gladly help Cuba-born visitors with passport renewal, entry documentation , and special visas.
Email us.
Cuban visa exceptions for citizens of some nations .
A special Cuban A-1 visa is required for visitors to Cuba using passports from these countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Iraq, Iran, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines , Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Yemen.

How do I obtain a Cuban Tourist Visa?

Cuban visas are not included in the cost of airline tickets.
The fastest and most economical way to obtain a Cuban Tourist Visa is to purchase it online and have it delivered to your home.

Cuba Explorer travelers receive free Cuban visas

Independent travelers purchase a Cuban Tourist Visa online now

Beautiful place with lots of interesting venues, and people who are friendly and welcoming.
I loved that we ventured out of the city center to see places we.
West Palm Beach, Florida Sammamish, Washington Caring, imaginative, loving people and nation.
Definitely struggling, but strongly bonded as a community.
Enjoyed the Muraleandro community project visit, suggested by our guide, Laura.
She helped us.
Arvada, Colorado The people are so friendly, hard-working, interesting, and welcoming.
Cuba is a mix of old and new, a beautiful place and so much history.
Liked learning about the.
Il, Illinois Without exception, everyone we met in Cuba, both on tour and our own, were warm, welcoming, engaging, and fun to be with: in a word, delightful.
My wife.
Ventura, California Very interesting.
I now have a better understanding of their history and culture, and can contrast the parts that are better than the US, and parts where the.
Aberdeen, Maryland I love Cuba and was so happy to return for a second trip.
I took my sixteen-year-old grandson, and he had a wonderful time as well.
The people.
New York, New York Pontiac, .

Illinois We enjoyed getting to know the Cuban people and the culture

We were sad that so many beautiful buildings are crumbling and in disrepair.
We loved our trip.
Marietta, Georgia I loved Cuba, its people, and its culture.
A gorgeous island with friendly people and great food.
I enjoyed speaking with a Cuban real estate agent, and the.
Atlanta, Georgia After four days in Havana, I found the city to be beautiful and historically significant.
All the Cubans with whom I came in contact were kind and generous.
Fairfield, Connecticut The Cuban people are hard-working and kind.
It is a country with a very rich history.
I loved our tour guide Otto Sanchez.
He was excellent and able.
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Growing up in America and the story of the Cuban Missile Crisis and Fidel Castro and flying over Cuba to Grand Cayman Island, I remember looking out the.
New York, New York Memphis, Tennessee Frisco, Texas Charleston, West Virginia Yardley, Pennsylvania This was one of the most memorable cultural and educational exchanges I’ve experienced during my adult life.
Our travel to Cuba was an unforgettable educational experience.
We had.
Chicago, Illinois We loved this trip.
Everyone was friendly, the food everywhere we went was excellent, and the accommodations were terrific.
Most special: the food, the people, our tour guide.
Ventnor, New Jersey I was very impressed with the people, the culture, and the spirit of the people.
I can see how they struggle for things we take for granted, wi-fi,.
Palm Desert, California The people are very intimate with their music.
It seems everywhere we went we saw singers, dancers, musicians or all three.
We loved the diversity of the people.
Dallas, Texas Cuba is an exciting country with a rich and colorful history.
I really enjoyed learning about the intricate culture and history.
The Cuban people are friendly, helpful and.

Virginia Cubans are resilient

beautiful, friendly.
Loved the variety; getting to see and meet some locals, the different restaurants for the flavors of Cuba; the comfortable hotel; and.
Mamaroneck, New York Havana, Cuba was amazing.
The people were all so friendly, the food was amazing, and I really enjoyed the music and dancing.
Mojitos, mojitos, mojitos – I love them,.
New York, .

New York The Cuban people are very helpful kind and sincere

Great prices on food and drinks – both were awesome.
The experience was very laid back – no rushing from A.
Gadsden, Alabama Cuba is a wonderful place to visit but still needs investment to develop its tourist base.
People are very nice, polite and helpful.
People who work in the.
Woodside, New York I can’t get Cuba out of my mind.
Gretel was the perfect hostess and guide.
We learned more than I ever imagined.
Can’t wait to go back.
Nashville, Tennessee Cuba was a phenomenal visit.
Out tour guide was excellent and very knowledgeable about Cuba and the world.
Pavel truly made our trip very enjoyable.
I wish I.
West Orange, New Jersey We loved every minute of our time in Cuba. Rachel, our tour guide, was absolutely perfect.
She answered all of my pestering questions and was spot-on with.
Nashville, Tennessee Cuba is beautiful.
The locals are warm and welcoming.
So much history and so many traditions were shared with us during this trip.
The tour was packed with.
Chula Vista, California Birmingham, Alabama I love the people.
They were gracious, kind, and beautiful.
I loved talking with the professor and learning about the history of the music.
Our guide Geldrys.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin We really enjoyed our trip to Cuba.
people are very nice respectful and friendly, Cuba is very safe, even safer than the US.
We walk late at night.
Brentwood, Tennessee I found the experience quite enlightening.
I enjoyed learning about Cuban culture and people.
I have a greater appreciation and respect for Cuba as a result of our.
Chicago, Illinois I had a very positive reaction to the people despite their many limitations.
We enjoy the intimate relationship with our guide and driver.
The interaction was beyond my.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania We loved our trip to Cuba.
Everything was very well-organized, our guide and driver were fantastic.
All of the people we met were extremely friendly and we loved.
Lexington, Kentucky It was a very nice trip, lots to do, learned a lot about the culture and the people.
The cooking and mojito lessons were tops.
The city tour.
Waukegan, Illinois Mantua, New Jersey Macomb, Michigan I was very surprised by the level of satisfaction the Cuban people have for the government and their situation which was contrary to what I supposed.
Everyone was.
New Orleans, Louisiana Cuba is fascinating, intriguing, alluring, spectacular, beautiful, mysterious and complicated all wrapped up together.
The people of Cuba were so warm and welcoming.
The architecture and American cars.
Frisco, Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado I was surprised at the resilience and resourcefulness of the Cuban people, who have been cut off from purchasing from the U.
and its allies.
The people.
Broadview, Illinois Cuba is beautiful and its people are friendly and helpful.
It’s nice to be someplace that hasn’t been overrun by commercial tourism (yet).
I learned so.
Yonkers, New York I was worried before travel that Cuba amenities would be sub-par.
Instead, the hotel, restaurants, pool, and so on were all of an excellent standard.
I loved Cuba.
Roswell, Georgia Visiting Cuba was everything I hoped for and more.
The people are warm, the country is splendid, and the culture full of vibrancy and pulsating energy.
Our tour.
Baltimore, Maryland Not my first visit to Cuba as I was the group leader.
Every time the people and culture are AWESOME.
We received ongoing professional service from our tour.
Upper Marlboro, Maryland Great people, great history and wonderful learning experience.
Loved each of the scheduled activities, and our very knowledgeable tour guides, as well as the visit with Professor Núñ.
Missouri City, Texas.