Greenland: majestic Scroresby Sund

2016 Photo-work shops .
Lofoten islands: Tales of the North, 10 – 17 February / Sold out.
The Lofotens.
Imposing snowy peaks and rugged Norse fjords, whose clear turquoise water at day is no less captivating than a mighty play of the Northern Lights at night; endless long strings of bridges holding the mountains and beaches together in a unique tense construction; bright red fishing houses on poles over the water that seems to want to become ice at the first opportunity .

Thin strings of Baikal lake – Baikal lake photo workshop

13 – 20 March / Sold out.

Lake Baikal is one of the main wonders in Russia

It is especially beautiful in winter.
Where else can you see a huge lake not covered with snow.
When you step on the ice you feel like in outer space , there is a meter of clear ice and a kilometer of the purest water under your feet.
Photographers adore the Baikal.
You can see ice texture, Olhon rocks and a great number of ice grottoes and caves on your way.
Spring Tuscany photo workshop, 26 March – 2 April / Sold out.

Bolivia and Chile photography expedition

25 April – 10 May / 5 spots available.
Welcome to another planet.
Welcome to remote Bolivia.

Our once-in-a-lifetime journey will not only be to Bolivia but also to Atacama Desert

Chile part.
We meet you there on another continent in Calama town.
April, 25 is the day when our 15-days adventure starts.
Baikal “Arctic”, 18 – 26 May 2016.
This time of the year Baikal lake reminds Svalbard in summer time: ice floats in shards across the lake, the shiny and warm spring weather will greet us while our sturdy comfortable ship is striking through the ice.

White horses of Camargue photo workshop

25 – 29 June / 4 spots available.
The ranchers will help us get a beautiful show of white horses galloping on a sandy beach or a shallow water.
During the day, we’ll analyze the photos taken, and in the evening we’re off to the park again for another session.
This time, in addition to the evening run, our helpers will bring together two stallions, and we’ll see them in all their passionate glory.
Provence’s Lavender Paradise photo workshop, 29 June – 6 July.
Greenland: majestic Scroresby Sund, 10 – 17 August / Sold out.
So what is the fjord Scoresby.
Astonishingly, this is the longest fjord system in the world.
A fjord has a treelike structure and the longest of such branches is 350 km.
Moreover, it’s one of the deepest fjords in the world – it was formed because of tectonic hollow’s flood.
Kamchatka: Land of Giants, 28 Aug – 11 Sept / Sold out.

I invite you to a grand photo tour to Kamchatka

It will take place from 21 August to 4 September.
We’ll spend two weeks in the land of volcanoes and geysers and visit the most beautiful places of the wonderful Kamchatka.
During the tour, I will consult you in the fine aspects of shooting, hold workshops and discussions about photo shooting and processing.
So our schedule will be really packed, no time to get bored at all.

South Greenland photo workshop adventure: the arctic “Patagonia”

20 – 29 September 2016 / Sold out.

The tour is devoted to stunning granite peaks of southern Greenland

including Tasermiut fjord system.
Hike with comfort in Greenland.
That is incredible opportunity to explore wild Greenland without heavy backpack and pack rafting.
Scotland: touching the Skye, 1 – 8 October.
We are excited to invite you to our autumn workshop in Scotland, the country of Robert Burns and William Wallace, Adam Smith and Sean Connery.
In ten days we’ll see many facets of its austere beauty, both well-known by photographer s and relatively obscure: imposing Northern castles and fantastic sunsets at Skye, rocky waterfalls of Quiraing, majestic landscapes of Glencoe and even the Hogwarts Express.
The workshop will cover the most interesting areas of the Scottish North: isle of Skye and Glencoe.
They are very sparsely populated, with high rolling mountains and deep coastline fjords.
We’ll pay homage to the Old Man of Storr and to the famous Eilean Donan, probably the most popular castle in the North.

Northern Ireland photo workshop

9 – 13 October.
Welcome to Northern Ireland, a beautiful countryside where winds cross in motion with waves.
We’ll travel to the Antrim country visiting amazing places like Giant’s Causeway, Dunluce castle, Dark Hedges.
Are you enchanted already by these names.
You’ll like the northern beauty of Green Country, which nature and historic sites were filmed in “Game of Thrones” series.
We focus on seascape and landscape shooting during this tour.

Autumn in Dolomites photo workshop

16 – 23 October.

We invite you to Dolomites mountains

Jagged peaks, rugged mountain terrain, alpine hills and huts – there is so much to photograph.
Especially in autumn when larches turn golden, first snow covers mountain tops like a sugar loaf.
In low autumn sun morning mist will shine veiling from one valley to another.
Tuscany photo workshop, 24 – 31 October 2016.
Japan in red: autumn leaves photo workshop, 13 – 22 November.
Japan is one of the most enigmatic countries in the world.
Although having a lot of technologies, cosmic looking trains and modern mega cities, Japan keeps its secrets and enigmas – there are many magnificent temples, parks and gardens, unusual traditional cuisine.
We offer you to go to Japan in one of the most wonderful seasons of the year – in autumn, when the maples are in bloom.
New Zealand spring photo workshop, 25 November – 5 December.
New Zealand is a wonderland country.
The travel here reminds a fairytale: alpine areas of tussock-covered mountains, wide coastal shores and deep rainforests, glacier lakes… We experience the beauty of the South island in November, when vast fields of lupines are flowering at shores of azure Tekapo and Pukaki lakes.
It’s no doubt why Peter Jackson has chosen this wonderful country for filming the LOTR trilogy.

Antarctica photo tour: journey to the White continent

16 December 2016 – 7 January 2017 / sold out.
The main goal is to shoot beautiful huge icebergs, fjords, mountains, ice caps and of course untouched wild nature world of Antarctic.
We’ll work out our everyday timetable taking into account ice situation and weather.
Imagine to be in Antarctica face to face, without crowds and queue for zodiac boats focusing mainly on photography and exploration.
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After exchange into a Hokuriku Arch Pass

Hokuriku Arch Pass.

JR-EAST and JR-WEST offer this pass valid for travel in the Hokuriku region

Customers can travel between Tokyo and Osaka, including popular stops such as Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, Kansai Airport, Fukui, Kanazawa, Toyama, Haneda Airport and Narita Airport.
Limited express trains (Shinkansen included), express trains, and local trains (in the case of the Haruka limited express, ordinary car non-reserved seats) between Narita and Haneda Airport s, the Tokyo Metropolitan area, the Hokuriku area, the Kansai area, and Kansai-airport.
Narita Ex press limited express train in the free usage area.

The Tokyo Monorail between Haneda Airport Terminal 2 and Hamamatsucho

The Hokuriku Shinkansen between Tokyo and Kanazawa Thunderbird limited express between Kanazawa and Osaka.
The Haruka limited ex press (non-reserved seats) between Shin-Osaka/Kyoto and Kansai-airport.
JR lines in the Tokyo Metropolitan District, JR lines in the Keihanshin area (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara).
The Etsumi-Hoku Line, Nanao Line, Himi Line, Johana Line, Takayama Main Line (between Toyama and Inotani) Oito Line (between Itoigawa and Minami-Otari).
IR Ishikawa Railway, Ainokaze Toyama Railway, and Noto Railway.

Click here Hokuriku Arch Passes are available as follows:

Foreign nationals who are holders of non-Japanese pas sport s (who have entered Japan with a “Temporary Visitor” visa to stay in Japan for no longer than 90 days) are eligible.
Pas sport s are required for confirmation purposes at the time of exchange or purchase.
9B flight 9988.
Children under 6 ride free if no seat is required.
No group bookings allowed.
Up to 99 passengers with unique names can be issued on the same PNR.
The image below identifies available train flights bookable with the Hokuriku Arch Pass: The image below is a PNR booked on the GDS by a travel agent .
Passenger may obtain a refund for the Exchange Order at the office or travel agent that issued it within one year from the issue according to the regulation of each sales office.

The type of Exchange Order cannot be changed after arrival at Japan

After exchange into a Hokuriku Arch Pass, it can be refunded at the nearest exchange office in Japan only within the validity period and before the first date of use, with a 10% handling fee deducted from the refund.
No refund can be made for any reason after the first date of use.
When the passenger arrives in Japan, .

They must use their Exchange Order to receive the actual Hokuriku Arch Pass

The passenger will need to show a valid passport with the entry status of “Temporary Visitor” (permission to stay in Japan for up to 90 days).

The exchange must happen within 3 months from the Exchange Order issuance

List of Exchange Offices: Please refer to the Hokuriku Arch Pass Website for the locations of exchange offices.

Once the Exchange Order e-ticket has been redeemed for the actual Hokuriku Arch Pass

the passenger can use the pass for 7 consecutive days from the first day of use.
The pass must be used within one month after exchange.
Consecutive 7 days.
The pass must be used within one month after exchange.
up to two pieces of baggage on board free of charge.
– for each bag the total of the length, width and height must not exceed 250 centimeters, the length must not exceed two meters and the weight must be no more than 30 kilograms.
From Kansai International Airport: The Hokuriku Arch Pass is valid for travel on the Kansai-Airport Express “HARUKA” train (non-reserved seat).

Click here for more information on destinations from Kansai International Airport

In order to obtain their Hokuriku Arch Pass valid on the HARUKA train

passengers should first present themselves at the JR Ticket Office (Midori-no-Madoguchi) at Kansai International Airport.
Visit the Hokuriku Arch Pass website Adult Child (6 – 11) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.