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Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo lies along a hilly

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Zihuatanejo Vacation – Ixtapa Vacations – Ideal for Mexico Family Vacations?

February 2, 2014  By    4 Comments  Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo  Family  Vacations Looking for a Mexico beach vacation.

A Zihuatanejo vacation will hit the spot In the heart of the Mexican Pacific

surrounded by mountains covered with tropical forest, ideal for an adventure driven Mexico family vacation.
Blending into the lush green backdrop of the Sierra Madres, Ixtapa- Zihuatanejo  lies along a hilly, tropical coastline and is surrounded by dozens of white sandy beaches.

Ixtapa’s main attraction is its golden beaches that surround its gorgeous bay

Because of its newness on Mexico’s resort scene,  sightseeing  is rather limited.

Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo vacations offer the modern conveniences of shopping

entertainment and deluxe leisure activities.
Nearby, the village of  Zihuatanejo , meaning “land of women,” offers a more informal setting.
Because its history dates back to the pre-Columbian Olmec  civilization , you can still find ancient artifacts in the area.
In the heart of this charming pueblo is a sheltered harbor and beaches which provide a gateway to dense jungle like hills.

Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo vacation do not compromise in its mission to provide tranquility

relaxation and the enjoyment of an unhurried lifestyle.
Guests can enjoy  world-class  golf and excellent tennis facilities.
The calm Pacific surf is ideal for  watersports , with over 25 dive sites ranging from coral reefs, rocky islets and sunken shipwrecks.
Snorkeling, deep- sea fishing  and horseback riding are also available.
You will also find an array of deluxe hotels, marinas.

Restaurants and nightclubs in Ixtapa

each with its own distinct architecture and ambiance.
The resort areas provide the best shopping  opportunities .
With Zihuatanejo’s seaside cafes, intriguing native markets, seaside promenade, and centuries of tradition make this area a joy to explore.
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And Mexico family vacations in Puerto Vallarta With Zihuatanejo’s seaside cafes

intriguing native markets, seaside promenade, and centuries of tradition make this area a joy to explore.

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pacific ocean, , Zihuatanejo     Kitty Summers   March 21, 2014 at 2:16 am  (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) I Love Your Website!!.
Our Zihuatanejo Vacation was the Best!It was your website that led my family to have a Zihuatanejo Vacation.
I accidentally got re-routed in your website while I was looking for vacation ideas.
I found a lot helpful ideas about the places we wanted to visit in Mexico until we finally decided that Zihuatanejo was the right place to be.
So, my family and I went there.
We loved the beach, food and even the people.
Of course, let us not forget the resort we stayed at.
Te ocean view was superb.
It was like waking up in paradise.
Again, thank you for website.
You were really a great help.
Anonymous   March 21, 2014 at 2:17 am  Karmina Palace –  Manzanillo MexicoThe Karmina Palace in Manzanillo is a beautiful property, with the nicest rooms I’ve seen in Mexico.
Spacious and spotless.
Hotel grounds were also well maintained and beautiful.
The food was average some days better than others, with many of the nightly buffet items showing up in next day meals.
Definitely something the hotel needs to work on.
The staff were very friendly and accommodating.
English is not as common as it is in other Mexican resort areas such as Cancun or Peurto Vallarta.
The resort has lots of activities to keep you entertained including scuba diving, snorkelling and other watersports.
There are also poolside activities, night-time shows and plenty of children’s activities.
There was not much to do outside of the resort, not as may options for day trips like on the Mayan coast but overall the Karmina Palace is a great resort that I would recommend to anyone.
Connie Chandler   March 21, 2014 at 2:18 am  (London, UK) IxtapaI, I Love.
It was our family’s first time to go to Mexico and we surely had a blast.

We went to Ixtapa to take a week off our busy life in the city

We checked in at this secluded resort where there is a great view of the ocean from our hotel room.
The food was great, the amenities and even the water sports activities.
Everything was absolutely perfect like we have hoped for.

We also went around Ixtapa and did some shopping and dining in their restaurants

the authentic Mexican cuisine is surely one of the best in the world.
Maybe next year, we are going back in Mexico.
Is there a great place where we can go to aside from Ixtapa.
Reply  March 21, 2014 at 2:19 am  Cancun vacationYou can go to Cancun or the Mayan Riviera and check out beaches and resorts.
They have a lot of activities to offer for you and your family.
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