One day in Burano – discover Venice lagoon islands

Veneto and Ve nice .

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One day in Burano – discover Ve nice lagoon islands.
One day in Burano: self guided day trip from Venice to discover Burano amazing colored houses,lovely Venice lagoon islands, secluded wineyards and delicious fish restaurants .
Tired of crowded Ve nice .
Hungry to discover a completely different environment , where the scenery seems frozen in time.
Then what you need is to spend one day in Burano and to enjoy the calm and beauty of Venice lagoon.
Actually most traveller s visit 3 island at the same time, either self guided or with an organized tours.
Murano, Burano, Torcello, in this order.
My suggestion would be to go directly to Burano, so to skip the masses and to enjoy the island all for yourself.
You can then proceed to Torcello, before or after lunch, as you wish.
If your pockets are deep enough, a lunch at the world wide known Locanda Cipriani is a great experience, but an aperitivo could be good enough.
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Twenty top things to do in Venice

beyond the obvious.
The best twenty top things to do in Venice (plus two seasonal opportunities): my personal unmissable itineraries, .

Activities and experiences in Venice

I often receive questions such as “what are Venice highlights?” and “how long should we stay?” So I put together the things I like to do when I’m in Venice, to share them with you.
Whenever it made sense, I tried to make suggestions “beyond the obvious”, .

In order to make your Venice stay a really unique and memorable experience

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Fabulous Ve nice Carnival.
What to see.

Do and enjoy during Venice carnival

an unmissable Italian event.

Venice Carnival is much more than costumed chaos: parades

processions, masquerade balls, entertainment, music, and parties… well Venice Carnival will offer you everything you need to live a really unique and rewarding experience (especially if you manage to avoid week ends, when the town gets really crowded).

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Verona in one day.
Top things to do and see in Verona in one day.
A walking tour to discover in a day tr ip the top sights and attractions of Romeo and Juliet lovely town.  Few cities in Italy and in the world can be as romantic as Verona, arguably a perfect destination for lovers of all ages.
You can easily visit Verona in one day and enjoy everything you may desire from an Italian top destination.
Glorious past, beautiful setting, amazing monuments, delicious food, the story (legend?) of Romeo and Juliet… you nam e it, you’ll get it.
Oh, Verona is also listed among Italians UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Wine shop named after Romeo and Juliet in Verona city center Continue reading “Verona in one day”.
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Garda lake’s natural SPA.
Relax in natural hot water pools, surrounded by centenary trees and beautiful lawns, less than 20 minutes drive from Peschiera and Sirmione, and for a very reasonable price.
Yes you can, in the Parco termale del Garda (“Garda Thermal Park”).
The Garda Thermal Park is not a traditional health spa at all (if this is what you are looking for, you have many options in the Garda Lake area:
On the contrary, it’s much closer to a mountain lake surrounded by lush woods, but with hot water.
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Garda lake: biking tour on the Mincio river.
This is a fantastic off the beaten path itinerary in the Garda lake area, that will make you discover by bike delightful hamlets, ancient water mills and peaceful river banks. It’s a perfect family tour, my 9 years old boy was delighted to have accomplished such an “adventure” and spent hours staring at (and playing with.) the many water mills in Borghetto sul Mincio.
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Venice with kids – how to make it a memorable experience.
Top activities to do in Venice with kids: a two days itinerary for a great family experience.
How to engage and entertain your younger travel mates in Venice.
Visiting Venice can be a magical experience for kids, just like it is for their parents. My son is 9, and Venice is his favorite city, we have been visiting it at least  once per year in the last years.
However, in order to make your Venice with Kids experience a memorable success, you’ll need to tailor your itinerary and activities in order to best fit your children needs needs and to stimulate their interests.
In this post I put together all the “do and see” that I think kids will enjoy, based on my own travel experience with my son.
It’s actually rather “stuffed”, so up to you to select what to skip and what could be more adapted to your family, based on your interests, the available time, age and resistance of the kids, etc… Here are my suggestions for a two days stay.

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Gondolas and cicchetti.

Venice off the beaten path – discover Cannaregio

Districts of Venice – Cannaregio

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Ok, that’s the classical tourist cliché: crowds jostling on the Rialto bridge, expensive Gondola tours, bored “Gondolieri” singing O Sole Mio (which, by the way, is a Napolitan song, not a Venetian song…).
Yes, you will have it all.
And, believe it or not, you will love it… But there’s a Venice outside the classical Station-Rialto-San Marco itinearary, which is worthwhile to discover.
And, by the way, you may discover that escaping from the crowd (and live for an hour or so like a true “Veneziano”) can save you quite a significant amount of money.

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Menu Tag: Indian Travel Blogger

Menu Tag: Indian Travel Blogger .
Posted in , , Tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , Well, DestinAsian is giving you a golden opportunity to stay at  You can participate For  For photo blog  What To Do In Slovenia In 2017 ?.
December 25, 2016January 6, 2017 Posted in , , Tagged #ifeelslovenia, , , , , , Slovenia, Slovenia Tourism Board, , , , Visit Slovenia 5 Comments Slovenia will host a number of events in 2017 and one should not miss these events if you are planning to visit this Southern Central European nation.
Every season has its own.
We recommend that you lend one ear to the sounds of unspoilt nature, .

And the other to the cultural pulse in Slovenian towns and cities

Be it winter or summer, .

Slovenia will offer something for every kind of traveler

You can read more about here.
Say ‘Hi’ To Mighty Moscow.
October 20, 2016January 17, 2017 Posted in , Tagged , , Globe, , , Morocco, , , , , , , , Leave a comment In my previous Moscow post, I told you how I explored and completely enjoyed this mighty city.
However, three days were not enough to know the city.
During my trip, I captured hundreds of images of this beautiful city. So, .

I would like to take the opportunity to help you feel Moscow by viewing these images

Hope these images inspire you to visit this historic city in future.

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Menu Tag: Vacation

Menu Tag: Vacation.

Visit to Langkawi is incomplete without a trip to the famous Sky Bridge

This was exactly what I felt when I reached there.
Situated at 660 metres above sea level at the peak of Gunung Mat Cincang on Pulau Langkawi, this spectacular bridge, surrounded by vast and thick forests, is 125 metres long, and 1.8 metres wide.
Visitors first have to take the Langkawi Cable Car to the top station and then they are required to use an inclined lift called SkyGlide to reach the bridge.
It is believed that around USD 1.2 million was spent on the construction of the mega structure, which is suspended by eight cables from an 81.5m high single pylon.
I spent around two hours there due to Me and my friend hired a taxi from to reach this place, using Malaysia’s popular taxi sharing app Grab.
For For photo blog.
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Menu Tag: Thailand

Menu Tag: Thailand.
Posted in , , Tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Thailand’s is famous for its laid-back culture , something which even I felt when I landed there after a three-hour journey from Bangkok.
I wanted to spend some quality time there but I had very little time on my hands to relax.
My other articles about For  For photo blog.
You can participate For  For photo blog.
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A trip to Virginia Beach affects all your senses

Charter Destinations .
Charter Destination s.

Private Charter Bus Services To Numerous Destinations From Washington DC

The word ‘chauffeur’ conjures up images of The Great Gatsby or a rock star. DC Trails makes it possible for you to afford a similar luxury within a reasonable budget.
Our Private Bus Tours starting in Washington DC include your own personal driver and a plush touring vehicle while visiting the destination of your choice.
Our single and/or multi-day chauffeured tours are a terrific value for 15 or more friends and family members traveling together; we are also happy to accommodate any size group .
Price is dependent on group size and duration.
Below is a sample of our most popular chauffeured-touring destination s, but we are always happy to create a unique private tour of Washington, DC or elsewhere, so dream big.
We’ll make it happen.
New York City.
If you’re a first-time visitor, .

DC Trails will take you to the most iconic locations in New York City

You’ll see the Empire State Building and Chrysler Buildings

the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the Bronx Zoo, Staten Island Ferry, Brooklyn Bridge and other places in the city that never sleeps.
Virginia Beach.
A trip to Virginia Beach affects all your senses.
It’s more than soft sands and rolling waves , it’s the way you feel when your lungs fill with salt air, or the sensation of the warm sun as it evaporates tiny drops of ocean from your skin, the echo of birds and laughter.
Niagara Falls.
For generations, the majestic beauty and humbling power of Niagara Falls has fostered a sense of awe and wonder.
Countless people have enjoyed the sparkling scenery of the falls, making it the favorite vacation spot for the whole family.

Richmond is a beautiful city founded in the 18th century; one of the oldest in the US

It’s famous for being the center for Southern culture

and formed the headquarters for the Confederate Army.
Experience the rich history of this city with visits to many beautiful mansions and historic streets.
With something for every kind of adventure seeker, .

Orlando FL offers the ultimate destination for travel year round

It’s the heartland of Disney and other major theme parks and attractions and a city boasting award-winning restaurants and natural beauty in which to relax and rejuvenate.
Thomas Jefferson, third president of the US, author of the Declaration of Independance, founder of the University of Virginia – an incredible historic figure – posthumously opens his Monticello home and gardens.
Enjoy a guided house hour, seasonal garden tours.

The Mountaintop Hands-on Activity Center

sites on the Mountaintop, Museum Shop & Cafe, and other important sites around Monticello.
Philadelphia celebrates its rich past and at the same time welcomes innovation.
Explore four centuries of history and architecture, beautiful neighborhoods, remarkable museum collections and endless shopping, performing arts and delectable dining.
America’s Historic Triangle.

The Historic Triangle gave birth to the United States

and a huge nation grew from a tiny place in Virginia.
In that same tiny place, Europeans, American Indians, and Africans first lived together and became the seed of the American people.

Sample Armenian Wine at In Vino

20 Things You Must See and Do in Yerevan, Armenia.
By: on July 23, 2020 Located in the middle of the highlands of along the Hrazdan River is the city of.
The city, which dates back to the 8th century BC, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world at over 2,800 years old.
Its long, rich history and thriving culture greatly contribute to the things you must see and do in Yerevan, Armenia.  The city, established as the capital in 1918, has transformed greatly in the years following the fall of the Soviet Union.
While retail outlets like cafés, restaurants, and shops were rare during the Soviet era, the numbers of each have increased exponentially since then.  Yerevan, which had been in decline during the latter part of the Kingdom of Armenia, is now a thriving, cosmopolitan world capital, complete with beautiful attractions , world-class restaurants, fascinating historical and cultural sites, and more.
It’s also a city that captured my heart with its warm and friendly people and beautiful culture .
These are the 20 things you must see and do in Yerevan, Armenia.
See Ancient Manuscripts at the Matendaran.
Of all the things you must see and do in Yerevan, Armenia, visiting the Matendaran should be high on the list of every history buff.
This massive, beautiful museum built in 1957, houses over 17,000 priceless historical manuscripts. Only 1% of the museum’s manuscripts can be viewed the public , but the ones on display are a treat to observe.
The manuscripts range in size from a 28-kilo, 600-page behemoth to a minuscule church calendar that can only be read through a magnifying glass .
Many of the manuscript pages are vibrantly colored using all-natural dyes.
Some of my favorites included a 6th-century book made of ivory, a huge silver Bible, and a golden book with gold and silver bindings.
You can even see manuscripts that have been painstaking ly restored by museum workers.
Visiting the Matendaran is one of my top things to see and do in Yerevan, Armenia.
It’s also a great way to start your exploration of the city.
Check out my travel and lifestyle site, !.
Eat at Restaurant Lavash.
One of the best places in town to experience the fresh ingredients and Mediterranean-esque flavors of Armenian cuisine is Restaurant Lavash, .

Which is named after the Armenian flatbread of the same name

From your table, you can watch the cooks baking lavash in tonir ovens in the kitchen.
You can also choose from an extensive food and wine menu.
From the beef-and-tomato dish called kufta to the pumpkin stuffed with beans, beef, and vegetables, everything had my taste buds going nuts.
For dessert, have some gata and milfoy.
Having these dishes are easily some of the best things to see and do in Yerevan, Armenia.
Visit Mother Armenia Statue and Victory Alley.
One of the best ways to learn more about Armenian culture in Yerevan is to visit the Mother Armenia statue.
Built in 1967 and rising over 167 feet above Victory Park, Mother Armenia is a female personification of the country.
On clear days, you can see the entire city of Yerevan and the distant Mount Ararat from the statue.
Mother Armenia was built in the Soviet style and includes a Soviet star.
Also in Victory Park are a museum and an Eternal Flame dedicated to people who died in World War II.
There is also an area called Victory Alley.
This area is dedicated to World War II heroes, .

And honors them with tuff stone plaques inscribed in Armenian and Russian

Nearby are relics of the Soviet era, including a fighter jet, a cannon, a massive divisional gun, and even a missile.
Sample Armenian Wine at In Vino.
Armenia is known for its incredible wines, so wine connoisseurs should not miss the chance to visit Saryan Street.
On Wine Days, they shut down the street and throw a huge festival.
These festivals are among the things you must see and do in Yerevan, Armenia.
But on regular nights, .

You can visit various shops selling lots of varieties of Armenian wine

One of my favorites is In Vino, the first wine shop that opened along the street.  In Vino sells Armenian wines as well as Old World and New World wines.
I highly recommend their Alluria, .

A tasty blend made from two Armenian grapes

It’s not very sweet but had a different flavor than I was expecting.
It was also pretty strong and had a good body.
Trust me, your list of things to see and do in Yerevan, Armenia is not complete without sampling this wine.
Check out my VIDEO: Top 10 Places to Visit in Armenia – The Ultimate Armenia Travel Guide.
Explore The Cascade.
Linking Yerevan’s Kenton area and Monument neighborhood is a giant limestone stairway called the Cascade.
Constructed between 1971 and 1980, the  572-step Cascade was built to resemble a stone waterfall.
The stairway is more of a complex, as you can also go inside the stairway to find art displayed throughout the interior exhibit halls.
Head inside to see why the Cascade is one of the top things to see and do in Yerevan, Armenia.
There are seven escalators that take you to the top of the complex, so you don’t have to worry about climbing all the steps.
At each landing, you’ll find outdoor plazas featuring fountains, sculptures, and other artwork.
At the top, you’ll enjoy stunning views of Yerevan and Mount Ararat amongst the flowers planted there.
And back at the bottom is a garden, as well as many restaurants and cafés.
If you visit during the spring, summer, or early autumn, you can even catch a classical or jazz concert there.
Dine at Wine Time Restaurant.
As you explore Saryan Street, you’ll probably want to grab a bite to eat.
I recommend Wine Time Restaurant, which features a dining room with international and domestic wines displayed on the walls.
You can also dine on their outdoor terrace.
Of course, you must start with a glass of delicious wine, so I suggest their semi-sweet Voskevaz.
Enjoy it with appetizers like beet root paste and fig paste with crispy bread, dolmas, and grilled peppers with tomatoes.
If you’re a big fan of eggplant like I am, you’ll have a field day in Armenia, as some of the best eggplant dishes in the world are from there.
Try the eggplant, tomato, .

And pepper salad with a dense Armenian sour cream called rejan

It’s one of the things you must see and do in Yerevan, Armenia.
Visit Republic Square.
A great spot to get a feel for more of what Yerevan has to offer is Republic Square and the surrounding area.
The square itself is located in the center of town.
It’s home to several important buildings that house the Government of Armenia, the History Museum of Armenia, and the National Gallery of Armenia.
You’ll also find the country’s flagship hotel, the Armenia Marriott Hotel, and the Trade Unions and Communications Building.
Connecting Republic Square with the nearby Opera is a pedestrian street called Northern Avenue.
It strongly reminded me of Knez Mihailova Street, the main pedestrian street in Belgrade, Serbia.
It’s lined with restaurants, shops, and retail and is a haven for tourists and locals alike.
There’s even a souvenir shop inside a parked yellow car there.
Leave your signature on the car’s exterior and then head over to the square to watch the fountains dance in time with the music that plays there.
Have a Nightcap at Armat Lounge Restaurant.
Saryan Street is home to many excellent wine bars and restaurants, but there are lots of other great spots to grab a bite or a drink in the area.
One of them is Armat Lounge Restaurant along Yeznik Koghbatsi Street, not far from Freedom Square.
This open-air restaurant and wine bar is an eatery known for its modern Armenian cuisine and medieval Armenian décor.  While you can enjoy a fantastic modern Armenian dinner there, it’s also a great spot to visit for a nightcap.
That’s exactly what I did with my guide Gayane to finish off my exploration of the Saryan Street area.
They have a super-strong, full-bodied wine that is perfect for unwinding before bed.
Check out the 5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Etchmiadzin, Armenia.
Visit Gum Market.
No doubt about it, one of the things you must see and do in Yerevan, Armenia is visit GUM Market.
This local produce market is a fantastic place to buy and locally-produced cheese, fruits, breads, meats, and much more.
The vendors are also extremely friendly and more than happy to give out free samples.
The dehydrated peaches, dates, and apricots in the front section of the market are excellent.
You can also try a plum fruit leather called plum lavash and a nugget made of figs, walnut, and a grape coating.

It’s like an Armenian Snickers bar

As you continue on, you’ll also come across a friendly man selling a cured meat called basturma and pomegranate wine.
Further on are honey, jams, and fresh, farm-to-table meats.
I highly recommend trying a variety of cheeses.
I met one very sweet vendor who kept feeding me different varieties with herbs and lavash.
Speaking of lavash, you can also find different varieties there.
The vendor was so nice and gave me an entire bag to take with me.

Enjoy Armenian Craft Beers and Bar Food at Dargett Brew-Pub

While Armenia gets lots of attention for its incredible wines and brandy, many people may not know that the country is also a great place to try craft beer.
As Armenia’s first brewpub, Dargett Brew-Pub opened in 2016 and quickly became a popular hangout for locals, tourists, and expats.
They only use high-quality ingredients sourced from all over the world, and it shows in the 21 unfiltered and unpasteurized beers they offer.
When you tour the facility, I recommend their smoky Baltic Porter, Black IPA, barley wine, and Nitro Oatmeal Stout.
After your tour, you should enjoy a gourmet bar food meal of burgers, pork ribs, chicken wings, sausages, cheese balls, and much more.
If you love beer and bar food, this is one of the things you must see and do in Yerevan, Armenia.
Shop at Vernissage Flea Market.
While GUM Market is the best market to buy and sample freshly-made foods in the city, Vernissage Flea Market is the best to buy locally-made crafts.
This 350-meter-long open-air market along Aram and Buzand Streets is a great spot to meet local craftsmen and buy everything from swords to religious carvings to ceramics.
During my visit, I met a very nice vendor who sold me a bag, beanie.

And a colorful scarf for just 9,000 Armenian dram

or just under $20 USD.
Further on.

You can find beautiful models of notable Armenian churches

handmade clocks, rosaries, wooden Armenian board games, musical instruments, carpets, hats, and more!  There is also an area featuring vivid paintings of Armenian landscapes and churches.
I bought a traditional Armenian hat for 5,000 dram (roughly $10 USD) and some Armenian soccer uniforms for my nephews for 6,000 dram, or about $12 USD.
Eat at Sherep Restaurant.
If you enjoyed visiting Lavash Restaurant, you should also check out Sherep Restaurant.
This eatery is the first restaurant in Armenia with an open-air kitchen and is part of the same restaurant group as Lavash, so you can expect high-quality cuisine there as well.
I recommend starting with appetizers like the cheese board with figs, which you can wrap in your lavash.
The grilled vegetables wrapped with roasted eggplant are also phenomenal.
For your main dishes, I suggest the buttery trout and the baked lamb, which was fatty and citrusy.
Everything there was incredibly fresh and paired well with a couple of glasses of sweet, fruity, and full-bodied red wine.
Check out my VIDEO: Trying Armenian Lavash for the First Time + Visiting the Matendaran | Yerevan, Armenia.

Visit an Armenian Handicraft Market

During my time in Yerevan in late September of 2019, I visited a fantastic handicraft market called My Handmade Armenia Crafts Festival in front of the Cascade.
It’s a two-day-long festival that occurs every year and is a great way to see lots of beautiful, locally-made crafts including jewelry, pottery, wood and stone carvings, carpets, and more.
Artisans from across Armenia’s regions participate in the festival, as well as those from the neighboring country of Georgia.
Some of the most unique items I saw included wooden rings and stones carved with Armenian letters and symbols.
The man who carves the stones makes pieces of different sizes.
His larger pieces can take three to seven months to complete.
If you want a one-of-a-kind souvenir to take home, look him up and buy one of his masterpieces.
In addition to shopping at the market, you can also enjoy demonstrations by the artisans and take part in interactive craft workshops.
It’s among the things you should definitely do in Yerevan, Armenia!   Visit & Dine at the Megerian Carpet Factory.
No trip to Yerevan is complete without visiting the world-famous Megerian Carpet Cultural Complex that is known for producing, selling, displaying, and restoring Armenian rugs.
Founded in 1917, the facility includes the Museum of Antique Rugs, which showcases antique rugs that are up to 400 years old.
There, my amazing guide, Galina, showed me the materials used to make their all-natural dyes, as well as several rugs.
You’ll learn the stories behind each rug; visit the weaving center; and see the weaving, washing, brushing, and shearing process.
You can also see thousands of rugs in the showroom and even have a meal there!  After a brief demonstration where Chef Vladimir showed me how to prepare a beef-and-rice dish called Tapaka Ararat.

We then enjoyed a delicious Armenian meal complete with lavash

cheeses, salads, trout, herbs, dolmas, and vodka.
I also recommend having some gata, halwa, and nuts with honey for dessert.
After dinner, you can pay $25 USD to don some traditional garb and take photos in the showroom.  Dining at Megerian Carpet Factory is definitely one of the 20 things you must do in Yerevan, Armenia.
Just remember that you must book ahead of time if you want to do so.
Visit the Sergei Parajanov Museum.
One of the most interesting spots around the city is the Sergei Parajanov Museum, which honors one of the most controversial figures in Soviet art and film.
During the Soviet era, the only sanctioned artform in the country was Soviet Realism.
Parajanov, a bisexual man, was imprisoned repeatedly for his lifestyle and his work, which broke from Soviet Realism.
The museum focuses on another side of Parajanov’s life: his artwork.
Throughout the museum, you’ll find pieces dedicated to his family, and others made using beads, shells, broken pieces of china, and more.
You can also watch clips from his films and even see pieces he created while he was in prison.
I really liked his glasswork, including three fish he created using shards of glass.
One of my favorite pieces, though, was an elephant made from his friend’s luggage!  Eat at Aperitivo Café.
Breakfast culture as we know it in the West isn’t really a thing in Armenia, so there aren’t many cafés open in the morning in Yerevan.
One of the few that bucks that trend is Apreitivo Café, a cute little spot that offers pancakes, omelets, granola, muesli, and other items.
There, I recommend trying the Armenian tomato omelet and the Armenian basturma omelet.
Both come with bread and are great with a strong double espresso.
The tomatoes made the Armenian tomato omelet nice, fresh, and juicy.
Meanwhile, the basturma—a type of salty and peppery cured meat—added a saltiness and uniqueness to the other omelet that I’d never tasted before.
Having both omelets are things you must do in Yerevan, Armenia!  Check out my.
Take a Tour of Ararat Brandy Factory.
As I hinted at earlier, Armenia isn’t just known for its excellent wines.
This western Asian country is also a major producer of brandy.
One of the best places to get a taste of authentic Armenian brandy is the Ararat Brandy Factory.
It’s the leading producer of brandy in the country and makes several different varieties.
Right as the tour begins, the aroma of the brandy barrels with hit you right in the face.
As you tour the factory, you’ll learn about how they age, blend, and bottle their brandy.
You’ll get to visit the barrel room and visit the Presidential Hall, where world leaders have their own barrels dedicated to them.
Then, you’ll get to taste some brandy.
My personal favorite was the 20-year, which was super smooth and had a beautiful aroma.  Note that only one English tour of the facility is offered per day, and that it must be booked in advance.
Other tours are offered in Armenian, Russian, Spanish, French, and Dutch.
Visit the Yerevan 2800th Anniversary Park.
As I mentioned earlier, Yerevan is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world at over 2,800 years old.
I happened to visit in 2019, the city’s 2,800th anniversary.
It’s the same year the Yerevan 2800thAnniversary Park was built.
This quiet and beautiful recreational area takes up a little over 3 acres in the Kentron district.
If you stay at the Congress Hotel like I did, it’s right outside your balcony.
The park itself is home to 250 new trees across 70 species.
You can also find an Urartian bull statue, granite stones shaped like Armenian carpets set into the ground, and several bronze statues.
But the main attractions are the 2,800 fountains, each of which symbolizes one year of Yerevan’s existence.
Some of them even create an archway of flowing water that you can run through.
Visit Dargett Brewery.
If you enjoyed touring and dining at Dargett Brew-Pub, then you’ll love touring the actual Dargett Brewery.
Located roughly 20 minutes from Yerevan, it’s the country’s first craft brewery and its number one brewing company.
Here, they bottle their seven core beers, which then go out to stores and restaurants around the country.  Taking a tour of their facility, which boasts a six-barrel system, was such a treat.
During your tour, you’ll get to check out their malts and follow the brewing process all the way to its fermentation and maturation.
I tried a light Pale Ale and a fantastic German Pilsner, followed by their exclusive Armenian Imperial Stout.
This beer is a 10% stout and is aged in brandy barrels.
It’s so exclusive that they don’t even sell it, so this is the only place you can get it.
Dine at Mayrig Restaurant.
During my final night in Armenia, I had the pleasure of joining the entire Armenia Travel team for a Syrian-Armenian feast at Mayrig Restaurant.
After meeting the staff and watching the cooks make ground beef dumplings called manti and Sari Burma (a layered, baklava-like dessert), I joined everyone in the dining hall.
The food at Mayrig Restaurant was outstanding.
Dining here is among the things you must do in Yerevan, Armenia, for sure.
Between the beef tartare, curd-stuffed roasted eggplant, manti, and Sari Burma with pistachios, I was in gastronomical heaven.
This meal was the perfect way to cap off ten perfect days in Armenia.
Check out the.
The city of Yerevan is one of my favorite cities I’ve ever visited in nearly 12 years of traveling.
The sites are stunning, the history is mind-blowing, and the food is some of the freshest I’ve ever eaten.
But I can’t stress just how special the people here are.
Between the team at Armenia Travel and the locals I met during my exploration, I truly fell in love with them all.
This city will have my heart forever and I hope you’ll visit someday and see why.

Experience the magic of Yerevan by booking a trip to Armenia today

Special thanks to my friends at  for their kindness, hospitality, and for arranging my trip.
I couldn’t have done it without them!  Also, if you would like to visit Yerevan, please contact my guide.
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Greenland: majestic Scroresby Sund

2016 Photo-work shops .
Lofoten islands: Tales of the North, 10 – 17 February / Sold out.
The Lofotens.
Imposing snowy peaks and rugged Norse fjords, whose clear turquoise water at day is no less captivating than a mighty play of the Northern Lights at night; endless long strings of bridges holding the mountains and beaches together in a unique tense construction; bright red fishing houses on poles over the water that seems to want to become ice at the first opportunity .

Thin strings of Baikal lake – Baikal lake photo workshop

13 – 20 March / Sold out.

Lake Baikal is one of the main wonders in Russia

It is especially beautiful in winter.
Where else can you see a huge lake not covered with snow.
When you step on the ice you feel like in outer space , there is a meter of clear ice and a kilometer of the purest water under your feet.
Photographers adore the Baikal.
You can see ice texture, Olhon rocks and a great number of ice grottoes and caves on your way.
Spring Tuscany photo workshop, 26 March – 2 April / Sold out.

Bolivia and Chile photography expedition

25 April – 10 May / 5 spots available.
Welcome to another planet.
Welcome to remote Bolivia.

Our once-in-a-lifetime journey will not only be to Bolivia but also to Atacama Desert

Chile part.
We meet you there on another continent in Calama town.
April, 25 is the day when our 15-days adventure starts.
Baikal “Arctic”, 18 – 26 May 2016.
This time of the year Baikal lake reminds Svalbard in summer time: ice floats in shards across the lake, the shiny and warm spring weather will greet us while our sturdy comfortable ship is striking through the ice.

White horses of Camargue photo workshop

25 – 29 June / 4 spots available.
The ranchers will help us get a beautiful show of white horses galloping on a sandy beach or a shallow water.
During the day, we’ll analyze the photos taken, and in the evening we’re off to the park again for another session.
This time, in addition to the evening run, our helpers will bring together two stallions, and we’ll see them in all their passionate glory.
Provence’s Lavender Paradise photo workshop, 29 June – 6 July.
Greenland: majestic Scroresby Sund, 10 – 17 August / Sold out.
So what is the fjord Scoresby.
Astonishingly, this is the longest fjord system in the world.
A fjord has a treelike structure and the longest of such branches is 350 km.
Moreover, it’s one of the deepest fjords in the world – it was formed because of tectonic hollow’s flood.
Kamchatka: Land of Giants, 28 Aug – 11 Sept / Sold out.

I invite you to a grand photo tour to Kamchatka

It will take place from 21 August to 4 September.
We’ll spend two weeks in the land of volcanoes and geysers and visit the most beautiful places of the wonderful Kamchatka.
During the tour, I will consult you in the fine aspects of shooting, hold workshops and discussions about photo shooting and processing.
So our schedule will be really packed, no time to get bored at all.

South Greenland photo workshop adventure: the arctic “Patagonia”

20 – 29 September 2016 / Sold out.

The tour is devoted to stunning granite peaks of southern Greenland

including Tasermiut fjord system.
Hike with comfort in Greenland.
That is incredible opportunity to explore wild Greenland without heavy backpack and pack rafting.
Scotland: touching the Skye, 1 – 8 October.
We are excited to invite you to our autumn workshop in Scotland, the country of Robert Burns and William Wallace, Adam Smith and Sean Connery.
In ten days we’ll see many facets of its austere beauty, both well-known by photographer s and relatively obscure: imposing Northern castles and fantastic sunsets at Skye, rocky waterfalls of Quiraing, majestic landscapes of Glencoe and even the Hogwarts Express.
The workshop will cover the most interesting areas of the Scottish North: isle of Skye and Glencoe.
They are very sparsely populated, with high rolling mountains and deep coastline fjords.
We’ll pay homage to the Old Man of Storr and to the famous Eilean Donan, probably the most popular castle in the North.

Northern Ireland photo workshop

9 – 13 October.
Welcome to Northern Ireland, a beautiful countryside where winds cross in motion with waves.
We’ll travel to the Antrim country visiting amazing places like Giant’s Causeway, Dunluce castle, Dark Hedges.
Are you enchanted already by these names.
You’ll like the northern beauty of Green Country, which nature and historic sites were filmed in “Game of Thrones” series.
We focus on seascape and landscape shooting during this tour.

Autumn in Dolomites photo workshop

16 – 23 October.

We invite you to Dolomites mountains

Jagged peaks, rugged mountain terrain, alpine hills and huts – there is so much to photograph.
Especially in autumn when larches turn golden, first snow covers mountain tops like a sugar loaf.
In low autumn sun morning mist will shine veiling from one valley to another.
Tuscany photo workshop, 24 – 31 October 2016.
Japan in red: autumn leaves photo workshop, 13 – 22 November.
Japan is one of the most enigmatic countries in the world.
Although having a lot of technologies, cosmic looking trains and modern mega cities, Japan keeps its secrets and enigmas – there are many magnificent temples, parks and gardens, unusual traditional cuisine.
We offer you to go to Japan in one of the most wonderful seasons of the year – in autumn, when the maples are in bloom.
New Zealand spring photo workshop, 25 November – 5 December.
New Zealand is a wonderland country.
The travel here reminds a fairytale: alpine areas of tussock-covered mountains, wide coastal shores and deep rainforests, glacier lakes… We experience the beauty of the South island in November, when vast fields of lupines are flowering at shores of azure Tekapo and Pukaki lakes.
It’s no doubt why Peter Jackson has chosen this wonderful country for filming the LOTR trilogy.

Antarctica photo tour: journey to the White continent

16 December 2016 – 7 January 2017 / sold out.
The main goal is to shoot beautiful huge icebergs, fjords, mountains, ice caps and of course untouched wild nature world of Antarctic.
We’ll work out our everyday timetable taking into account ice situation and weather.
Imagine to be in Antarctica face to face, without crowds and queue for zodiac boats focusing mainly on photography and exploration.
Leave this field empty if you’re human:.

Day 1:   Syros Early morning departure on a ferry to Syros

CYCLE CYCLADES ferry hopping 5 gorgeous islands guided with vehicle support .
Cycle  Mykonos, Syros,  Delos, Paros, Antiparos, Naxos and Santorini Hiking add-on   When travelers fantasize about Greece they usually conjure up stark whitewashed island villages surrounded by a blinding blue sea.
That’s the Cyclades.
Blue and White, just like the Greek flag.
Our bike tour uses ferries to hop from island to island.   Read a day by day account of the Cycle Cyclades tour in Odyssey magazine.
The 4 night Santorini Hiking add-on offers Cyclades in all its glory with cultural activities and land and sea excursions.
You hike along the volcano’s caldera ridge to witness the watery horizon 360 degrees.

Sail into the caldera and ascend a volcanic peak.  In a Cyclades cooking class

discover the unique local foods.  We introduce you to Santorini’s marvelous wines grown in volcanic soil.
Before or after your bike tour, while in Athens see the city and surrounding region from a bike.
Check out.

2020 Dates June 21-28 and Sept 20-27 7 nights

8 days Add-ons Santorini Hiking -see Add-On tab Arrival City Athens, at least one night before tour departure Arrival transfer see Extras tab Tour Start Point Piraeus port to Syros island Tour End Point Naxos island Minimum Age 18 Minimum Pax 8 Maximum Pax 14 Total Mileage 346 km, 215 miles for standard route.  Possible to vary most daily routes to add mileage, or lessen miles with vehicle transfer.
Highest Elevation 496 meters, 1627 feet Active.
Due to morning departure on Day 1 prepare to arrive at least one day early to Athens to test ride the bikes.
Bike mileage listed for each day is that day’s standard bike route.  Depending however on the cycling level of the participants , routes may vary by adding mileage or minimizing mileage with vehicle transfers.
Day 1:   Syros Early morning departure on a ferry to Syros, the capital of the Cyclades islands.  Syros is known for its many beaches and elegant capital, Ermoupoli which means “trading city.”   A warm-up short  ride in the interior of the island to Ousyra Winery, a family run winery for wine tasting.  Later a walk up to the car-free medieval neighborhood Ano Mera.  scenic warm up ride 22 km, 13.6 miles Day 2:   Syros Today’s ride makes a big loop in the southern half of Syros starting with a 204 meter ascent (670 feet), the highest point of the day.  The route goes from one beautiful beach to the next finally stopping at Vari Beach for lunch and swimming in the protected bay.  36 km.

22 miles Day 3:   Mykonos Mykonos is famous for its party scene

its high end shopping, its cool vibe.   It offers a stark contrast to the other low key simple elegance of the other Cyclades islands.  Biking is minimal on Mykonos — a ride to Elia Beach for swimming at a fine sandy beach and a classy Mediterranean lunch.  24 km, 15 miles Day 4:   Paros A morning local boat takes us to the ancient sanctuary of Delos island, a World Heritage Site to its explore its extensive grounds.  Lunch in Mykonos harbor, then catch a ferry to Paros.  We bike to the hotel in Naoussa, check in, then bike and hike the dirt path to the 1887 Korakas Lighthouse.
12 km, 7 miles.

45 minutes hike Day 5:   Paros Our main destination is adorable Antiparos island

a 10 minute ferry hop from Paros.  Depending on the season, there could be a pit stop at the unique Valley of the Butterflies.  In Antiparos, we bike ride to the famous cave and descend by foot to its bottom,  Back on Paros, bike the southern coast. 58 km, 36 miles Day 6:   Naxos Morning ride to Lefkes, the highest village on Paros.  Take a ferry to Naxos, arriving in time for lunch and to walk to the Portara.  There are a number of biking options in Naxos, including to an olive oil museum, a 6th century BC “kouros,” or the protected Alyki juniper forest.
23 km, 14 miles in Paros, 23 km.

14 miles in Naxos Day 7:   Naxos Today is the tour’s highest cycling day

up to 1633 feet.  En route there’s a stop at a marble kouros (ancient Greek male statue) left unfinished in its quarry.  At cute little Halki, sample the “kitron,” shop at an olive wood store, visit the art gallery.   Cycle to Aria Springs and hike up to Za Cave.   48.55 km, 30 miles Day 8:  Departures  Take ferry or flight to Athens or 2 hour ferry to Santorini for hiking add-on tour.

Four Night Santorini Add-On After biking the Cyclades islands

cap it off by visiting the famous cliffs of Santorini, and its lesser known island, Therasia.  2020 Dates:  June 28 – July 2 or September 27 – October 1.  Highlights include: Wine tastings & traditional Greek cooking class.
Caldera sailing to hot springs with warm mud.
Hikes to Ancient Thira & Oia atop the caldera ridge.
Swimming at Red Beach & sunset harbor dining.
Day 8: Santorini Leaving Naxos we take a two hour high speed ferry to Santorini.  Your first glimpse of the volcanic caldera cliffs from the ferry are enchanting, looking like vanilla icing on a long cake.  We take a late afternoon 2 hour hike on the caldera ridge, arriving in Oia to catch an incomparable sunset.
Day 9: Santorini The day is consumed by a Cyclades cooking class in Pyrgos where you are introduce d to the unique foods of the region, including white eggplants and tiny tomatoes.  Learn to make four different appetizers, an entree and dessert.
The class includes wine tasting and a sumptuous lunch.
Day 10: Santorini A day full of culture:  an hour hike up to the 7th century BC ruins of Ancient Thira, a tour of a renovated winery that is now a contemporary art gallery, a visit in an underground wine museum with Santorini’s oldest wine press and a walk-through of the local museum with finely preserved Minoan frescos.
Day 11: Santorini Take a “party boat” (other passengers)  to the center of the caldera where you walk the 20 minute path up the volcano and see the emitting smoke, smell the sulphur.  The boat stops for a swim in thermal healing waters and lather yourself with warm sea mud.  Lunch on Therasia island.
Day 12 Departure  daily flights to Athens COST 2400 euros per person based on double occupancy.  600 euros single supplement INCLUSIONS Guide    Company guide to act as tour leader, accompany you on all scheduled activities, lead the hikes Accommodations  4 nights accommodations 4 star hotel on the caldera with daily breakfast, view of caldera.
Meals  2 dinners with fresh, local house wine and 2 lunches (cooking class and caldera cruise) Ferries   transfer from Naxos, boats to/from Therasia Flight   flight from Santorini to Athens Transfers on arrival from port to hotel and on departure from hotel to airport Cooking class  traditional Cyclades cooking class includes gourmet lunch and wine tasting Wine tasting   two sessions at local wineries Land excursion    Full day.  Private vehicle, destinations include Ancient Thira, wine museum, folk museum, art gallery, entry fees Sea Excursion    Full day.   “Party boat” (meaning other passengers).  Includes entry fees and lunch.
EXCLUSIONS 2 dinners, 2 lunches.
Cycle Cyclades Tour Cost 2950 euros per person Cyclades Single Supplement 800 euros Santorini Hiking Add-on 2400 euros per person Santorini Single Supplement 500 euros See Accommodations3-4 star hotels, primarily family owned and operated, ranging from boutique hotels to seaside upscale hotels.
Tasteful, clean, air-conditioned, private bath, abundant hospitality, comfort.
All accommodations are standard doubles with option for upgrade.  All accommodations serve breakfast, usually buffet style.
Tour prices are based on double occupancy.  See Accommodations tab to request more info about tour’s accommodations Ferry Transfers  4 one-way tickets:  Piraeus to Syros to Mykonos to Paros to Naxos.  2 round trip tickets: Delos and Antiparos.
Bikes:   Specialized road bike or hybrid bike.  Triple chain ring, 27 gears.
Road bike has carbon fiber fork.
Hybrids have front suspension.
Electric bike or carbon Tarmac bike are available as an upgrade on request.  Regular pedals or toe clips on request.  You are welcome to bring your own clip-in pedals and shoes.  See and Bike Gear:   helmet, water bottles, handlebar pouch, odometer Bike Routes  Options  (1) RideWithGPS tour routes to upload to your iphone or Android with voice narration – bring your own bike mount  (2)  GPX tracks to download to your device – bring your own bike mount Support Vehicle (“sag wagon”) with bilingual driver who is also a bike mechanic.
Vehicle carries spare parts, floor pump, ice cooler, water, nutritious snacks, bike tools, first aid kit, day packs, luggage and gives you a lift if you get tired.
Tour Leader / Bike Guide  the Tour Leader handles all the tour logistics and rides with the group.
All Meals:  Breakfasts are included at each hotel.  Lunches — you choose from the menu.  Dinners are generally at trusted establishments within walking distance of the hotel.  Dinner consists of 2-3 appetizers and salad chosen by us and shared by the group.   You are offered an entrée choice, usually a meat, fish or vegetarian dish.  Dessert, house wine, water or beverage for those who don’t drink wine.
Trip packet useful and interesting information about the region Entrance fees  Delos island, Valley of the Butterflies, Antiparos Cave, Naxos Venetian Museum Wine Tasting: Syros wine tasting with local winery owner • Transfers from Athens Airport to Athens – see Extras tab • Departure transfer at end of tour from Naxos • Alcoholic beverages (other than house wine) • Travel insurance – see Extras tab • Tips for CycleGreece guides and drivers, at your discretion Participants are required to sign our.
Participants are required to agree to the.
E-bikes for an 8 day tour cost 300 euros.   See and for more info.
Upgrade to a Specialized Tarmac Sport, carbon fiber frame and fork.
Cost is 400 euros for an 8 day tour.
See and for more info.
For travel insurance for U.
S citizens, we are official agents of .   Contact us to receive a policy quote.   Cost of coverage depends on various factors including your state or residence, your age, dates of travel.   Travel insurance is not provided for flights booked using frequent flyer mileage.  Some policies require booking within 15 days of paying your trip deposit, such as, cancel for any reason or coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

An indicative hotel for Cycle Cyclades tour is St

Andrea in Naoussa on Paros island.
We select the accommodations for guided tours based on quality, comfort, cleanliness, hospitality, location and charm.
Most of the hotels on this tour are family owned and operated.  They all have wi-fi and all but one has a swimming pool.  They are all near the sea and within walking or biking distance to a beach.

Request Links To Cycle Cyclades Accommodations

Click to open in.
To make payment, click on the link which takes you to the secure Aegea Booking page to input your credit card information via PayPal.  You may pay with a major credit card or Visa or Mastercard debit card or a PayPal account if you have one.
You have the option to pay in euros other currencies.  We pay all bank service fees although your credit card company may charge you a foreign transaction fee.
Alternatively, if you are reluctant to pay online, we can take your credit card information by phone.
Please to arrange a mutually convenient date and time for us to call you.   We can also give you our bank account details if you opt to pay by bank wire transfer which usually has lower fees than those charged by a credit card company.
See details in the which you must agree as a condition to participation in a CycleGreece tour.  Participants are also required to sign a.

Download PDF 2020 Cycle Cyclades Tour Details  Cyclades Photo Gallery

Santorini Add-onfour nights.

Summer: June 21-28  September 20-27 2020 Dates for Santorini Hiking Add-on

Summer:   June 28 – July 2 September 27 – October 1 Syros, ringed by picturesque sandy beaches Mykonos, the departure port for Sanctuary of Delos island Paros, eat at whitewashed tavernas on the waterfront Antiparos, descend the steps into the deep cave Naxos, visit an Apollo temple and marble “kouros” in their quarry Cycling on Syros Island.
Request Distance/Elevation Profiles For Cycle Cyclades Saronic Jewels2020 — April 29 – May 7 and Aug 29 – Sept 6.
Crusader Paths2020 — July 4-12 and Oct 23-31.
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