Camp America Information Nights

Information Nights NZ Information Nights

Camp America Information Nights.

Come to one of our Information Nights!

Every season we have regular information nights at a city near you.

Information Nights run from August to December

You can come along and… Meet returned counsellors & hear about their awesome summer.
You can also ask them quest ions at the end.
See our video about how Camp America gets you to camp, and sponsors your visa – we make it easy!.
See video footage shot at various camps – to get a real feel of what camp is like.
Hear what other participant s thought about summer camp and of Camp America.
Find out how to make the most of your application .
We have giveaways too!.
Bring along your friend (or family) if you want to.
Meet your local interviewer (they’re really not scary truly).
Please check below Information Night details Register Now We hope to meet you soon.
It’s really worth the trip.

Auckland Auckland Camp America Information Sessions

Auckland Information Night Camp America

Date TBA.
6.30pm – 8.30pm.
Watch our DVD on different camps, different jobs and the Camp America experience.
Bring your friends!.
Win awesome prizes.
Entry tickets are free but compulsory for entry For those of you who can’t see us in person register for our next Live Online Information Session.
We Make it Easy!.
Tauranga Tauranga Camp America Information Session.

Hamilton Hamilton Camp America Information Sessions

Palmerston North Palmerston North Camp America Information Sessions

Napier Napier/Hastings Camp America Information Sessions

Wellington Wellington Camp America Information Sessions

Nelson Nelson Camp America Information Sessions

Christchurch Christchurch Camp America Information Sessions

Dunedin Dunedin Camp America Information Sessions

Invercargill Invercargill Camp America Information Sessions.
Too far.
Attend our Next Live Information Session.
We Make It Easy.
Information Sessions Confirmation Information Session.
NZ Live Information Session.
Information Nights.
Phone: Email: [email protected].

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