Hoi An Full Moon Festival

Ever wanted to enjoy a gala time under the subtle light of the full moon? Well, in case you did, nothing can work better than the Hoi An Full Moon Festival. This Full moon Lantern festival will totally live up to your expectations and help you enjoy a wonderful and enticing time all way round. There’ll be no electric lights, the motorized vehicles will be shut down and the streets will be dotted with innumerable beautifully lit lanterns. These small bits of beautiful decoration will totally set up the mood of the party and help you to enjoy an exhilarating experience all way round. Read on, for a quick scoop on the things you can do in this wonderful festival.

What is this festival all about?

Every year, on the 14th day of a Lunar Month the wonderful and downright enticing Hoi An Lunar festival takes place. Hoi An is an ancient town situated in Vietnam, and every year, it lights up with the wonderful festivities and superb celebrations. During this time, all the electric lights and the artificial motorized vehicles are totally shut down and wonderfully lit lanterns are visible on the city streets. The entire ambience turns out to be magical with the wonderful play of lights and colors. In fact, you will totally enjoy spending your time in this exhilarating and downright stunning ambience.

Activities during Hoi An Lantern festival?

During the Hoi An festival, there are a series of activities where you can participate in. All these activities recall life and celebrate the joy of living. Generally, it is said that these festivals recall the actual life and activities of the inhabitants of Hoi An, living 4 centuries ago. When you visit the city during the full moon festival, you will find men in groups busy spending their time together with a series of small games like the Chinese Chess. The local couples and the young people too, take complete participation in the festivities. They stroll along the city streets in the moonlight and enjoy a wonderful time of fun and frolic.

As you stroll along the streets and pass through the crowds, you will be rewarded with certain gifts and tokens of the traditional festival. These include original bamboo flutes, small drums, fiddles and various innovative traditional games. You can also visit the Hoai River to catch a glimpse of the young men exchanging the traditional folk songs. All in all, you will feel that life is definitely worth living when you participate in the Lunar festivities of the Hoi An city. You will have a wonderful time on the city streets, with the jovial people.

Accommodations for Fullmoon Festival

Apart from coming up with this wonderful full moon festival, Hoi An also has some good and high end accommodation options. You can always make your pick from the luxury beach resorts, small suburbs and old hotels situated in the town.

So, wait no longer and simply visit this city in order to enjoy the best out of Full Moon Lantern Festivals and fun in the ancient town of Hoi An.